Our letters, our schedules, our photos, and our memories: all the most intimate details of our lives are increasingly stored in the cloud. But “cloud” is a bit of a misnomer. Our data isn’t stored in the ether, but in massive data centers—stark, windowless buildings that couldn’t look more anonymous, despite the deeply important role they play in our world. These buildings are huge and impersonal, and rarely actually feel “at home” in the fabric of the communities that host them.Google wants to change that—so it’s launched the Data Center Mural Project. Similar in nature to Google’s partnership with local artists to paint its self-driving cars, it’s a new initiative in which Google has made several of its massive data centers around the world available as blank canvases to muralists. The goal is to not only better integrate these buildings into their local communities, but to also give them an appearance that better reflects the oceans of colorful, personal data they store inside.

Source: Google Is Enlisting Artists To Paint Its Massive Data Centers | Co.Design | business + design