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As web design agency we understand you may not have the time to read every piece of advice that comes your way.

That why podcasts are so useful.

You can listen to our High Vis podcast at a time of your own choosing. Whether your on your lunch break, taking a walk or before you go asleep at night, listen in as we discuss the ways a business can promote their products and services online.

5 Ways to get more sales leads using Google Ads

Listen below as our Google Ads Specialist Pat Hughes describes 5 ways to get more sales leads using Google Ads. Google Ads can act as a highly effective platform in getting more sales for your business. However the platform has to be optimized correctly in order to achieve maximum sales leads.

eCommerce Web Design

Listen in to this episode as we describe how having eCommerce functionality built into your website can benefit your business.
We also discuss all the advantages of eCommerce and how it can give you the competitive edge over your local business rivals.

Digital Marketing for Business

In this episode we discuss the importance of digital marketing for business. We discuss a number of digital marketing tools you can use to get your business seen online.

Search Engine Optimisation

Pat Hughes Digital Marketing and IT Specialist @ and discusses Search Engine Optimisation and what it can do for your business. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO , is a discipline that will push your website higher up the Google rankings.

LinkedIn for Small Business

In this episode we discuss LinkedIn for Small Business. and how it be used as a tool to generate leads for your small business.