Lawyers of the future will need to understand coding and the opportunities it can create, according to leading Irish law firm, Matheson.

The comments were made by Matheson Litigation Partner and Leader of the Matheson Smart Programme, Rebecca Ryan, at the launch of Smart Week, the firm’s annual forum dedicated to promoting innovative thinking and the creation of new efficiencies, as well as showcasing new technology products and services that are transforming the legal profession, in order to enhance the client experience.

“Technology is changing every industry, including law. Innovations in AI and blockchain, for example, will alter the way we process and draft legal contracts. Lawyers of the near future will need to demonstrate an understanding of this technology, as well having a better understanding of coding,” said Ms Ryan.

“Smart Week is about collaborating to hardwire innovation into every Matheson team and every process, big and small. It’s more than just a week of events: it’s an attitude of creativity and lateral thinking that we’re encouraging all partners and staff to cultivate and explore every day of the year.”

Source:  Irish Tech News