Web Based Project Design Should Be User Friendly

Mobile Responsive

With this Web based project, Woodbrook College wanted a website that would look good on any platform, particularly mobile.

Easy to Manage

At the beginning of this web based project, Woodbrook College asked that they have a website that was easy to manage and update.

Multimedia Rich

As the website would be part of the beating heart of the school, it needed to make full use of video content.

Easy Navigation

With so many users viewing the website it needed to be organized in a structured and logical manner.

And It Should Be …

Functional Simplicity

Schools Days
Teachers & Staff
Covid Cases

User Friendly Website

thedesignpool built the site to be as as user friendly as possible. This was an important part of the brief as the school wanted parents, students and teachers to engage with the site as much as possible. If the website was in anyway confusing then it would pose more questions than the ones it would answer.

Woodbrook College Calendar

Website as a Communication Tool

The website has been an excellent communications tool for the school. It has proved a great way to keep everyone updated about what is going as well as acting as a two way communication tool between the school and the general community. A big takeaway from this project is we had to engage with all stakeholders. The design of the user interface was not imposed, but agreed by all users in a collaborative way.