Wedding Celebrant Website Design Services

A wedding celebrant is an independent individual who possesses the expertise to craft a personalized ceremony, tailored to commemorate any significant ‘rite of passage.

This bespoke ceremony is designed to reflect a unique journey and values, unrestricted by legal obligations or government constraints.

The demand for celebrants continue to grow as couples seek a more personalised service.

Having a stand out celebrant website can be the difference between getting the bookings you want or waiting on people to contact you.

A Wedding Celebrant website is the shopfront to your celebrant business and one of the main tools you have to impress and convince, before you meet a client in person.

Designing a wedding celebrant website that truly suits you, as a celebrant and as a business, takes creativity and a strong brand.

First of all, let’s dive into what your website should contain in order to ensure it stands out from the competition.

Wedding Ceremony


Sharp, tailored images

As a celebrant, your business will thrive on the positive relationships you build with your clients, and on how you interact and communicate with them. You are playing such an important role in some of the most emotionally charged and memorable moments of a person’s life; how your celebrant website communicates (digitally) with your clients, and how they feel when using it, can be just as important as their experience of you in person.

Pixelated images from phones and confusing content are just some ways to turn clients off…leading them to move away from your website. Remember attention spans on the web are notoriously short.

It is important to use high quality images that will encourage users to stay on your website. After all your ultimate goal is for them to call or email you and become a long term customer..

The quality of your images will markedly increase the professional appearance of your website and in turn improve the user experience.

Good quality and well labelled images can also help to improve your opportunities to be discovered, through targeted Search Engine Optimisation (we will talk about SEO for Wedding Celebrants in a forthcoming post).

Essentially what it means is getting your website to show up for web searches and images searches, both of which if clicked on can drive traffic to your website.

The following are an additional 4 considerations to get your wedding celebrant website to standout.


Video is now a pre-requiste for any business but particularly one as as high profile as a wedding celebrant. Visitors to your website will want to see how you interact with others at your ceremonies. What sort of ambience do you create? How do you present yourself? You could get quite creative here as there are now a variety of tools that can add interesting special effects to video also. You should also bear in mind that if you receive the couple’s permission you could also use some of the video from the ceremony to promote your business.

Video Content

Strong brand

As a wedding celebrant, you are your business and you are your brand; your clients are buying into you, and the service that you are providing.
Your brand identity is what will set you apart from others and will clearly communicate the essence of who you are, to your clients.

Let’s try something…grab a notebook and pen and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who are you, as a celebrant?
  • What kind of clients are you wanting to appeal to?
  • What type of services are you offering?
  • What differentiates you from others?
  • How do you want to make your clients feel?

Now, take a look at your answers…what you have there is the essence of what your celebrant business is all about…in short, you have your brand!

Now, your next job is to communicate the message you want your brand to deliver.
All of the visual elements of your website need to authentically represent your brand – the images, the colours, the layout, your logo.

Every communication on your celebrant website, whether it’s the service information you provide or a blog post that you have written, they all need to represent your brand identity.

To build a full time celebrant business; you want your ideal clients to be coming to you because they want you and the brand you are communicating and not just for the price you offer.

Clear vision and clear communication of your brand – through your celebrant website – will go a long way to making this happen.

Unique design

Your website design should be determined by your core principles and beliefs and the type of service you want to offer your customers. What do I mean by this?

For your celebrant website to be a stand out it will visually need to meet the needs of your ideal client. What kind of images do they want to see?

What ceremonial styles are your clients looking for? What will inspire your clients to want to know more about you?

Your investment in a professional looking, well designed site that clearly communicates your unique brand, will really boost your image, and your reputation as a successful Wedding Celebrant.

Web Design

Targeted content

This comes back to who your ideal clients are, what style of ceremony you are wanting to offer, and who you want your services to target?

Take time to understand your client needs and put yourself in their position: What information might you want to read on your website that relates to your industry? What blogs might you want to read? What style of celebration might you be looking for? What ceremony inspiration might capture your imagination? Would you like display videos on the site showing you officiating at one of your ceremonies?

Easy customer experience

In the physical world few tolerate going into a shop and finding products and services in the wrong places. This type of experience would probably frustrate you and result in you never visiting that shop again.

The same experience can be applied to shopping or seeking out information online. However the big  difference is that if our online experience is not a positive one, it is very easy to leave the site and open a different website – much easier than it would be to get in your car and try a different supermarket.

This is why it is really important that your celebrant website is simple, clear and easy to navigate.

You need to make it easy for your clients to contact you, whether through phone number, email and with links to social media.

The information you provide needs to be clear, engaging and on brand.

Test it for yourself…visit your celebrant website regularly and make sure it remains current, visually appealing and that it is a nice, easy experience to find the information your next client might need.

This could well be a potential client’s first taste of what it might be like to work with you in person, and that impression needs to be a positive and stress-free one that really communicates the essence of your brand.

What platform should I use to set up my celebrant website?

Firstly, what do we mean by platform? A Content Management System (CMS) is a platform (software) which you can use to design and create content for a website, without having to know how to use code. At we use, and usually recommend, using WordPress.

In our opinion, using WordPress for your celebrant website is a sound choice as it is suited towards all experience levels, as there is free and comprehensive access to as much or as little support as is needed.

At we also offer free Human support when you sign up for one of our web design packages so you’ll never be stuck when you encounter a problem.

Wedding Celebrant Website Design Packages

At the we specialise in celebrant website design, and offer a number of support packages.

From our Starter Package going all the way up to eCommerce., there is a price point for every need and every budget.

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